Rev Neil Riches

Dear friends,
Whilst I do a fair amount of work on the church premises, I
do also have a study in the manse. It is upstairs – good use
of one of the four double bedrooms! – and it is at the front
of the house. This is not the first time that I have had my
study upstairs – this was the case in Swansea, Birmingham
and Manchester! – but it is the first time that I have used
what is effectively a fully ‘fitted’ bedroom. So, drawers and
wardrobes now contain books and files. The room also has a
mirror surrounded completely by bulbs, akin to a dressing
room in a theatre – I have absolutely no idea if there is a use
for this!
My desk is below the window, however; this means that I
can see what little activity there is in the cul-de-sac (though
there is a ginnel to take you through to a neighbouring street
– is ginnel a Dorset word?) – and it means that I can look out
over the Dorset hills. I can see the roofs of eight
neighbouring properties (I have just counted them) and then
I look straight out on to the countryside.
I like this. It can help reflective practice. It means that I am
likely to feel calm, focused, uplifted before I put pen to
paper, or pick up a book or research something online. At
the moment, the view contains a fair amount of ‘green’, but I
know that during the next month or so, there will be far
more green as the trees come into leaf. I am learning to use
the view the create ‘space’ in my day.

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